About condition

Grade display for record conditions

* the first grade of the jacket and the grade of the record

cover record
S An unopened NEW An unopened NEW
M - Extreme beauty Extreme beauty
E + Near Mint, minimal imperfections Near Mint, plays almost flawlessly
E Used but well preserved  Some minor marks, but no noticeable noise
E - Some light wear and small blemishes A few minor noise but mostly plays close to NM
V + General used cover, but still decent for its age  Light to moderate marks, but plays throughout fine
V obviously used, but acceptable if reasonable  obviously used, but acceptable if reasonable 
V- more visible wear and some damages

more visible wear and crackles

G strong wear and damages heavily crackles


beat up unplayable

An abbreviation of various states about a jacket

Cn Cutting CC Corner cut
CF Character typed free Ch Cut hole
DH Drill hole EDH Drill hole near center
PH Pin hole PHS Multiple pin holes
PSK Bing: Promo sticker PSM Cosmo stamp
RSK Bing Web: radio station Sk Other stickers
SM Other stamps SD Sticker damage
SA Noticeable sticker stain stain SL Label sticker
Ml Label stamp WC Jacket in Japan
WL Label writing AC Jacques the artist's signature
Al Label of the artist RW A sharp ringing
HRW A fairly severe ring like rub TC Jackets are peeled
TL Label is missing Sp Seam tear from jackets
FSP A complete seam rip TP Seam repair by tape or nori
FTP Complete seam repair BSP Bottom cracking
OSP Cracking NSP Back cover
Bosp Both have crack and tear

★The lower case s (small or small), and l (large = large) before the abbreviation represent the degree.

★The small letter B (rear jacket) after the abbreviation symbol and I (the inner jacket in the case of the spread jacket) represent the side. It is not written in the case of a table jacke or a front jacket.

★The numbers before the cutout sign represent the number. It is not written in one case.
Example: SCC = minimum corner cut, LCC = large corner cut, 2dh = drill hole, SWCB = minimum writing, RWB = wrinkle ring which is outstanding to rear jacket, LSP = half seam tear, SBSP = small bottom crack